Stone Bridge


The old town is quite nice to stroll through.

The center of town is rather pleasant too, with stunning views in

every direction. The main street is often closed to vehicle

traffic and is filled with the young and old walking,

hanging out in café's or selling their wares along the

riverside markets. People in Konjic are very easy going

and friendly so feel free to ask someone for directions

or to engage in some small talk. One of the not-tobe-missed

attractions is certainly Kamena cuprija (Stone Bridge) built

in 1682. It was destroyed during World War II, but was rebuilt

in 2009. Since the early 1900s, Konjic has come to be known for its

woodcarvers. The craft developed a commercial dimension

during the Austro-Hungarian occupation in the

early 20th century. Before World War II Konjic had a couple

of dozen woodcarving businesses, who sold

their elaborately-carved heirloom furniture and boxes within

the Austro- Hungarian empire and beyond.

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