Paradise Watterfalls


Jajce has had more than its fair share of battles.

The town changed hands several times before the independent

Bosnian state was finally conquered when the Jajce fortress

was the last one to fall to the Ottoman invaders in 1528.

It seemed fitting after so many civilizations had settled

and fought over this place that in 1943 the AVNOJ

was signedand sealed here in one of the most historical

moments of Bosnia's and Yugoslavia's history.

The second session of the Anti-Fascist Council of the

National Liberation of Yugoslavia on November

29 ratified that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an equal

federal unit, would enter the Democratic Federal

Yugoslavia. These resolutions outlined the future

democratic and federal organization of the region. The

outskirts of town are blessed with an abundance of

water, which is probably what made it so attractive and

practical as a settlement in earlier times.

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